Message from the President

It is with a great deal of satisfaction that I reflect on the first quarter of 2024.

In a time when many families in Queensland are legitimately struggling to afford basic necessities, the Foundation has enjoyed the privilege of continuing to financially support children with literacy-based learning challenges.

A Demanding First Quarter

Often the first quarter of the year is quiet as families and children get over the long holiday break and focus on commencing school as well as they can.  In the past it is at the end of term one or the commencement of term two that the Foundation begins to field inquiries and receive applications.

However, this year the Foundation has fielded inquiries on a weekly basis from families seeking advice about literacy assessment and intervention services and has already approved $ 11,700 in funding.

Typically, families ask about:

  • Explanations about ‘what is Dyslexia and Dysgraphia?’
  • Types of Interventions available
  • How to secure educational adjustments at school
  • Finding a qualified educator
  • General tutoring options in Brisbane and further afield
  • Assistance for funding private intervention

A Dedicated Management Committee

The LFC is very fortunate to have a dedicated management committee made up of qualified and experienced special educators, informed parents and those with I.T, accounting and administrative skills.  The committee meets every six weeks.

As a fully registered charity in Queensland, we are only able to commit funding to residents of Queensland.  However, requests for information about specialised literacy services and service providers also comes from interstate and the committee has been happy to help with every request.

Donations Gratefully Received

It is humbling to reflect on the donations received so far this year.  The vast majority have been anonymous personal donors.  This is a vivid reminder that Learning Disabilities like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia are being keenly felt by many families and they are looking for ways to help.  The Foundation has also received donations from wonderful like-minded charities such as 1-World Charity Shop (Underwood), The Hidden Initiative and the AJL Fundraising Group through their Gold for Good program.

Second Quarter Goals

The Foundation has commenced a service provider search.  The hope is that over the next three months it will be possible to create a Preferred Service Provider List.  There is more information about this initiative in this edition of News.

It remains a privilege to continue to be part of the important work of the Literacy Foundation for Children.  I hope you enjoy reading this edition of the news!

Jason McGowan

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