Financial assistance is available for children with learning disabilities, particularly dyslexia, to help offset the cost of intervention for families who struggle to provide them with this help.

To apply for financial assistance, you will need to complete the Application Form and submit via email.

Please read the following before deciding to apply

Only apply if you feel you fall within the guidelines below. This should serve as a guide only and could also be affected by family demographics, extenuating circumstances or other criteria.

Criteria15% of cost of Intervention30% of cost of Intervention45% of cost of Intervention60% of cost of Intervention75% of cost of Intervention
Annual Income*$88, 930 – $99,864$77,999 – $88,930$67,068 – $77,999$56,137 – $67,068$56,137 or less
Weekly Income*$1,710 – $1,920$1,500 – $1,710$1,290 – $1,500$1,080 – $1,290$1,079.56 or less
* from all sources

Applications are open to all residents of Queensland and are usually only considered by the Management Committee at their meetings held every 6 – 8 weeks. Any applications which are incomplete or not accompanied by supporting documentation will not be considered.

Outcomes are notified via email.

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