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The Foundation helps families by providing financial support to offset some of the costs associated with support services needed to help children with dyslexia learn to read and write.

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Speaker Event and AGM
Date:              Thursday, 25 November 2021
Time             6:00 pm to 6:45 pm – Speaker Presentation:
                       Parenting Stories About The Journey With Dyslexia
                       6:45 pm to 7:15 pm – AGM (all invited to stay)
Venue:            140 Main Street, Kangaroo Point Q 4169 (Radio 4EB Meeting Room)
                       and ONLINE VIA ZOOM
RSVP:             Book online
– Light refreshments provided
– Limited parking available on site
– Bookings Essential
Parenting a child with learning disability doesn’t have to be a lonely journey
Learn from experienced parents as they share their journey

“My child increased two years in reading when he did an intervention … so why is he still getting ‘D’s on his report card?” 

Specific Literacy Impairment is a neurodevelopmental based difficulty.  Therefore, it is usually perceived as lifelong in its tendency to interfere with literacy skill development.

However, we also know that evidence-based interventions have significant potential to ‘up-skill’ and in some cases help a child to overcome the traits and symptoms that are part and parcel of learning disabilities like Dyslexia or Dysgraphia.

The Question

So, how should we understand the dilemma of a child with Dyslexia who has achieved significant gains through intervention but then ‘fails’ to pass school subjects?

This is not only an essential question that demands an answer but is a question that is asked often by parents (not so much by teachers) and mostly goes unanswered.

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Dyslexia Myths

“Dyslexia doesn’t show up until elementary school”.

Signs of dyslexia can show up in preschool, or even earlier. That’s because dyslexia can affect language skills that are essential skills for reading. Some signs that a preschooler may be at risk for dyslexia include difficulty rhyming and being a “late talker”.

Professional Development for Teachers

Would your child’s school be interested in holding a seminar about literacy and learning disabilities? To find out more, go to our School Seminars brochure.

Did you know that donations to the Foundation are tax deductible?

Consider making a donation to help a child with a learning disability.  As the Foundation is run soley by volunteers the administrative costs are very minimal, so we are glad to say that the vast majority of all donations and funds raised are distributed to the families of children requiring support.

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Do you know the meaning of the word ‘inculcate’?

verb (used with object)

1. to implant by repeated statement or admonition; teach persistently and earnestly.

How is inculcate used …
More than anything, Don and Gloria try to inculcate in their children the importance of treating others the way they wish to be treated themselves.

At an early age, when grammar school teachers were struggling to inculcate the lesson that effort was the main key to success in school, these future scribblers gave the obvious lie to this assertion.  Where other read haltinly, they were plowing two grades ahead in the reading workbooks.

instil · implant · fix · ingrain · infuse · impress · imprint · introduce · engender · produce · generate · induce · inspire · promote · foster · hammer into · drum into · drive into · drill into · din into · imbue · brainwash · indoctrinate · teach

Containers for Change

The Foundation is listed with Containers for Change.  You can be a creator of positive change by donating your unwanted bottles and cans to the Literacy Foundation for Children.  Use the code C10240836 when you drop off your bottles and cans at your local recycle location.

Quotable Quote

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”            – Lemony Snicket

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